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Do please read this carefully before you purchase a Couleebank Bulldog Puppy.  We will not be responsible if you have NOT read our policies.  This will help avoid any misunderstanding.

All monies indicated are in Canadian Funds.  If you are not from Canada please check with your bank to get the required exchange rate. 


We accept deposits of $500 to hold a puppy. A deposit may be made by cash, cheque, cashier's cheque, or money order. 

We understand that people are eager to put their name on a puppy, but we only take deposits on puppies when we HAVE a puppy to put a deposit on.  We do not take deposits on un-born puppies.  This avoids disappointment if we have a pseudo-pregnancy, or if we don't have a litter coming for a while, or anything else unforeseen. 

A “Deposit” is a down-payment on the puppy, and in placing that deposit you are entering into a binding agreement to purchase that puppy.  We will not offer that puppy for sale to anyone else.  It is up to you, the purchaser, to make sure you can purchase the puppy in the contracted time. 

We TRY not to take any deposits until we are confident that the puppy is healthy and viable.  However, as these are living animals sometimes the worst happens.  In the case, heaven forbid, that your puppy dies, or is found to have a serious health problem, you can choose to have the deposit returned, or, at your choice payment will be held as a credit to you and may be applied to another puppy at that time or at a later date.  However we cannot hold such a deposit indefinitely.

A deposit is NOT refundable.  We are not responsible for changes in your financial situation, job, housing, or family conditions that would result in you deciding not to take the puppy after that agreement has been entered into.  Please make sure your family is ready for a puppy before you put a deposit on one.


We do not have a “Payment Plan”. We considered having one, but it just sounded like a nightmare for us.  Then a very mature 14 year old boy came and purchased a puppy from us.  He had saved for a whole year.  I do know some people seem to have problems with impulse control, and think they need someone to “help” them save their money, but we are just not set up to keep track of other people's money.   I recommend you set up an account at the bank to assist in this manner.  If a 14 year old can do it….. 


Another solution we have seen done is to take the cash to pay for the puppy against your credit card and then make payments to the credit card company.  Whatever you decide to do, it's up to a responsible adult to manage their own finances.  We can't do it for you.


Balance of the purchase price is due and payable on the date agreed-upon when the deposit was made. It will be written right on your Contract. Usually when the puppy is approximately 8 weeks old.  To be sure, when the date is agreed upon, that you are able to meet this deadline.

The balance must be paid in the form of cash, certified cheque or money order unless otherwise agreed.  Failure to pay the balance within 5 business days of the agreed-upon date will result in the cancellation of the contract of sale, the forfeiture of the $500 deposit, and that puppy being available for another purchaser without any further notice or delay. 

We are not obligated to contact you to remind you that the balance is due, or to warn you that you have missed your date.  It is up to you to remember this day and contact us to make sure we have received your payment.  

Always send payment by Priority Post or Courier and keep your receipt so there is no question about a payment being received.  It's for your protection and ours.


We prefer cash before all else.  To avoid unnecessary delay, if you are picking up your puppy in person, just bring cash.  If not, because of the high incidence of scams, we will wait until a money order or certified cheque has been cleared by our bank before the puppy will leave our possession. If it takes a few days, then be prepared to go home without your puppy. 

We do not take personal cheques for anything other than the deposit.

Under no condition will we accept money orders for more than the purchase price of the puppy and send someone else the balance.  If that is what you are proposing, see our article on Scams.


The relationship between the puppy owner & breeder is a very important one, and one that may last for many years.  We have found that not all people are compatible.  Selling a puppy to someone that we simply cannot communicate with properly is not good for us, good for you, or good for the puppy.   We are not required to deal with anyone we choose not to deal with.  For that reason:  

We reserve the right, at any time before the puppy leaves our possession, to cancel the purchase of that puppy and return any funds that have been received, without further recourse. 


Shipping is at the expense and risk of the purchaser.  We will deliver the puppy to the Calgary International Airport, but the freight must be pre-paid by the purchaser.  All responsibility for the puppy ends when we place it in the hands of the flight agent.  We do prefer to use WestJet, and have found them to be above and beyond in terms of the care they take of our babies.

If you are planning to have your puppy shipped, make sure you leave plenty of time for your certified cheque or money order to clear before you expect us to ship your puppy.

We do not charge extra for the extra vet visit to get the letter of clearance, nor for the hour each way drive to the airport.  We will supply a crate of appropriate size and quality to safely ship your puppy.  We prefer to ship in the early afternoon, but that is because we usually have so many chores to do in the morning.  We can be flexible if we need to be.

We do NOT ship adult bulldogs.  They can die of stress induced asphyxia.


We do not deliver puppies.  We usually must be home to do feedings every 2 to 4 hours.  Having said that however, if we have someone going your way…. we would not charge to drop off a puppy and would be glad to get the opportunity to meet you.


A copy of our Contract of Sale & Health Guarantee is available to those who are serious and wish to see & discuss it before they purchase.  Contact us to request it.


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