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We agree in principal with waiting lists.  We think those people who are genuinely interested should be able to put themselves on a list and be relieved of the necessity of nagging their breeder for fear of missing that long awaited puppy.  For that reason we went with a waiting list this year.  These are the results:

A total of 52 people asked to be put on the list in 2007.  They all expressed their enthusiasm for having a puppy join their family.  They all seemed to be responsible, considerate, mature people.  Some of them I had extensive conversations with, both on the phone & by e-mail.  They asked all sorts of responsible questions about us, our dogs, and our breeding program.  They wanted to know what we recommended for vets, treats, training, etc.  We were convinced that these people would be conscientious dog owners, and provide a good home for our babies. 

When I contacted these 52 families to tell them that their puppy was available this was the result:

14 actually purchased a puppy from us.

Of the remaining people, these were the reasons they gave for NOT buying:

  • They bought puppies elsewhere - and had not bothered to tell us to take them off the list – Oooops, sorry.
  • They had changed jobs & can't take a puppy now- and had not bothered to tell us to take them off the list - Oooops, sorry.
  • They had got pregnant & don't want a puppy with a baby - and had not bothered to tell us to take them off the list - Oooops, sorry.
  • They were moving & a puppy would be inconvenient - and had not bothered to tell us to take them off the list – Oooops, sorry.
  • No reason, just don't want one now - and had not bothered to tell us to take them off the list - Oooops, sorry.

These are my two favorites.  Thankfully only one person gave each reason.

  • They needed us to save their money for them, as they couldn't save it themselves, and they wanted us to receive money from them twice a month until it the puppy was paid for so they wouldn't spend it.  Sound mature?  Make US responsible for their lack of self control.
  • Their boyfriend was allergic - they had been on the list for 2 and a half months.  Don't you think that sometime in that time the subject would have come up and they could have taken themselves off the list?  Or was this a NEW boyfriend?  I didn't ask.

However the vast majority did not even respond when we notified them that we had a puppy for them.

I guess what I'm trying to point out is the total LACK of responsibility, consideration & maturity that has been shown by people we thought we were trusting to take care of one of our puppies.  I'm just ever so glad that they DIDN'T get one of our babies.

However, for that reason alone we will no longer be keeping a list.  It does weed out the flakes, but it's a total waste of our time.  For each of those people we waited 48 hours before we contacted the next person in line.  Just incase they were away or something.   Delaying that puppy from the person waiting in line who actually wanted it, and simply ticking us off more and more.

So this is our new and improved idea for 2008.  We will have on our website an AVAILABLE PUPPIES page.  We will post photos of available puppies on that page.  Then, those people who have contacted us and asked to be put on a list will be notified that the puppies are available in one COULEEBANK NEWS E-MAIL .  The available puppies will then be sold on a first come basis, with the receipt of their deposit.

If anyone has any other good ideas on how to make your adding a new family member any less involved and complicated, we'd be glad to hear from you.

Mike & Shauna

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