From time to time we make changes to our breeding program and may have breeding dogs available to other breeders. 


This is Barkhouse Tankard of Ale – D.O.B. March 11, 2004 – Tank is a proven producer of big boned, wrinkly babies, with beautiful faces.  Mostly faun & white like him.  Please contact us for more information on Tank.




Please contact us to see what we may have available at any time. 




From time to time we retire one of our breeding dogs.  As much as we would love to keep them all forever, we feel that they have shared their lives, and us, with so many other dogs, that the kindest thing we can do for them is to get them a home where they will be offered more individual love & attention than we can give them. 

For that reason we ask that you give them plenty of love & if for any reason you can’t keep them, we require you return them to us.


All our retiring breeding dogs will be spayed or neutered before they go, and we will fully disclose any special needs they may have.  As well we offer a “Weekend Sleep-Over” where the dog can spend the weekend with the family to make sure it is a good fit.

We usually charge $1,000 & up for our retiring adult dogs. Depending on the age, health, etc.  This mostly to make sure the new owner is both willing and able to care for the dog financially if in the future it becomes necessary.  Sadly a dog that is not valuable is sometimes not valued.

For those looking for a "cheap" dog to a "good home" sometimes even "cheap" dogs require costly veterinary attention.  Sadly, sometimes love is not enough.  A "good home" must be able toafford to care for their dog in an emergency.  We love our adult dogs, and want their retirement to be secure in both love & quality of care.





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